About Art Therapy

Angel with Leg-Braces in Wheelchair with Tiger - Adult with Brain Injury

Angel with Leg-Braces in Wheelchair with Tiger – Adult with Brain Injury

Art therapy is an emotionally non-threatening form of interaction between a therapist and a client, in which the former is offered the choice of using art materials during a therapy session for emotional release. Art therapy may be conducted in groups, individually or with couples and families.

Creating art offers an individual an expressive option when talking about a topic is too limiting, difficult or emotional. Art therapy also is an especially effective tool with withdrawn individuals. Art is usually followed by casual discussion in which the therapist may obtain more support for visual cues in the artwork. During the creation of art the process may also affect the body by decreasing agitation, lowering blood pressure and increasing mental focus.

Dahlia Jarett, Art Therapist

Cherry Blossom Tree with One Lemon - Adult

Cherry Blossom Tree with One Lemon – Adult

Dahlia enjoys working with people from all walks of life as a supportive guide in amplifying their own inner voice, and strengthening their expressive level and artistic skills.

Dahlia studied undergraduate sculpture and art education at Pratt in Brooklyn, renowned for their rigorous program. Her experience and love of the spiritual and creative process has been applied to her master’s level studies at New York University, where she studied art therapy. The art therapy curriculum combines the clinical study of symbols and process as well as graduate psychology and counseling classes.

Mars - Adult in Substance Abuse Rehab

Mars – Adult in Substance Abuse Rehab

In the past 13 years Dahlia has worked with adults and children in hospitals, long term care facilities and in open studio settings. Dahlia is currently a full-time art therapist at St. Francis Hospital working with patients in substance abuse rehab and part-time art therapist at Northeast Center for Special Care, working with brain injury patients.

A short film of HVCATS Art Therapist, Dahlia Jarrett, working with children

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