Creativity is the Greatest of All Human Attributes & Experience is Not Required!

About Music Therapy

In Music Therapy, children, adolescents, adults and families dealing with disability, illness and any sort of challenging, traumatic or restrictive circumstance can find:

Freedom, Release, Healing

IMG_6847-300x225Music Therapy helps clients:

  • Become involved and motivated
  • Express and share important feelings and   ideas
  • Discover increased inner resources and independence
  • Enjoy greater levels of fun, friendship and social inclusion
The music therapist’s skillful guidance and support of the client’s involvement in music can offer experiences and opportunities for personal and social development while simultaneously honoring the essence of musical creativity.
  • Improvise
  • Move
  • Sing
  • Play Instruments
  • Compose
  • Record a CD
  • Make a Video
  • Perform

The music therapist also remains alert and receptive to integrating the unexpected; perhaps a wonderfully spontaneous, creative moment that has the power to inspire, uplift and transcend limitation. 

 Music Therapy Can Be a Bridge to Progress that Surpasses Preconception 

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