“Keeping Us Apart” – Music Video by Mental Health Association in Ulster County

Video: The Power of Music Therapy

See Music Therapy in Action w/HVCATS Director, Rick Soshensky, in This Short Film!

Video: “Together We Can Dream”

Rick and colleague, Peter Bass, assist a group of rehab center residents in engaging in a process of community music therapy through composing, recording and performing their song, first within their facility, and then in a Woodstock, NY nightclub.

Video: “Everyone Can Dance”

Rick weaves a tapestry of clients dancing, singing, and having fun to the sound of his original tune, “Everyone Can Dance.” Dedicated to Rick’s greatest teacher and mentor, the late, great music therapy pioneer, Dr. Clive Robbins.

Video: “We Can Sweep”

A documentary and music video by Rick about a week-long community clean-up in mid-town Kingston, NY through a youth program called Kingston Cares, Family of Woodstock. Sponsored by Hayes Clement, Shirley Whitlock, Sav-On Party Supplies, Hannaford, the Kingston City Library & the City of Kingston.

Video: “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

Music Therapy client, Sam sings,  accompanied by  Rick  

Video: “The Peace Rose”

Rick and Montessori teacher, Julie Cash, assist students of George Washington Montessori School, Kingston, NY, in writing & starring in this short musical illustrating an important Montessori concept of teaching conflict resolution and promoting peace within our community.